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August 27

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Sign in

Name plates and folders

Shout out names

Garrett intro



Show Franklin website



What do you know about your name? Do you like it? Why or why not? What are some nicknames you have had? 

Icebreaker #1-name tag

Website and Classroom Expectations-

Take notes and study for Kahoot on Thursday

Hall passes


Explore my website

Icebreaker: Questions list


Opener: Life Story

CCE Syllabus

Chromebook Cart

Google Classroom

Getting to Know You Survey


Put together planner and decorate

HW: Get classroom expectations handout signed


Rights and Responsibilities Lesson:
2nd period-
pass out and sign
Cover: admin, vision, mission
Franklin STRONG p 2
About FHS, purpose p 3
We Believe p 4
School Maps p 5-8

3rd period-
Academic Info p 9
Add/Drop p 9
Grading System p 10 and 11
Diploma Requirements p 12
Academic Integrity p 25

Kahoot on Classroom Expectations and Grading


Review info you wrote about your name and make additions, put in Classroom

"My Name is Esperanza" by Sandra Cisneros

"Pam, I am" by Ms. Garrett

More models

My name worksheet


Classroom Expectations signature sheet due

Rights and Responsibilities lesson:
6th period-
​Schoolwide Values p 19
Behavior Matrix p 20-22
Discipline Procedures p 22
Problem Behaviors p 25

8th period-
Community agreements and expectations p 33-34
Respectful Lesson Plan
(FHS internal-"Climate")

What is your passion? What do you love to do? Why? (This could be done in the planner or on a piece of paper. Just a brainstorm to prepare for the class. Have some of the students share out.)

Show "What If Money Were No Object" by Alan Watts

The career paths of my brother and I

"What Matters To You"

a survey

and How to use Kami

Sept 3

Holiday-Labor Day

Sept 4A

Name Poem:

"My Name is not..."

Add to your poem and type up and Submit in Classroom

Finished? Write a "My name is not...." poem

5B             SSR

Values Essay:

Values cards

and Values frame

Essay notes (blank)

Garrett's essay notes

Values List


Writing warm up: What are the characteristics of a story?

Elements of a Story Plot

How to use Notability-

Highlighting activity on Plot

Conflict: orange

Rising Action: yellow


Falling action: blue

Resolution: pink

Read "Thank You, Ma'm"

Plot out story

7B              SSR

Continue to work on Values Essay pre-write

Textbook pick up:

6th period-10:40-11:24

8th period-2:30-3:15


Elements of a Story:

How dialogue help us understand more about the characters? Go back and look at "Thank You, Ma'am"

(Google Classroom Question)

2nd period link

3rd period link

How to format dialogue

Dialogue and characterization activity

Write your own dialogue

(in classroom)


Scavenger Hunt

How Organized Are You?


12A         Tutorial

My Name Poem due today

Elements of a Story: character

View Film 7:30-13:24

 Read "Two Kinds"

Plot it out

Characterization on Elements of a Story

Words that describe character

Group activity with  characterization

Finish up name poems

13B          Tutorial

Library Lesson #1: basic library protocols and logistics, quick catalog demo, finding what you love to read (GoodReads etc), book talk and check out for SSR

6th 9:40-10:56

8th 12:59-2:16


2nd period:


3rd period:

Ellen Hopkins

17B              SSR

Values Essay assignment

Ms. Garrett's values essay

Values essay mark up

 "This I believe" 


Continue writing body paragraphs


Elements of a Story:

Continue group activity with characterization and share out

Add to list of topics for narrative based on ideas from "Two Kinds"

"Reindeer Games"

and setting description

19B            SSR

Continue Work on Values Essay or This I Believe



Write your introduction and conclusion

Writing Resources:

How to Format a Paper for Ms. Garrett

20A        Tutorial

Continue with setting in "Reindeer Games"

Elements of a Story:

Review Elements of short story, annotating for theme

Go over How to Annotate

Read and annotate
"The Interlopers" by Saki

finish annotation and debrief

Add more narrative topics

21B        Tutorial

Library Lesson #2: The FHS Toolbox & MCL digital resources

6th 9:40-10:56

8th 12:59-2:16


Elements of a Story:

Quiz: "The Interlopers" paragraph 1-4

Read and annotate "The Interlopers"

How to find the theme- a video

Theme activity: Making a claim and supporting it

25B              SSR

Informative Essay scoring guide

Finish Values Essay

26A         Tutorial

Watch Theme Video from last class and write steps for how to determine a theme on index card, then tape in folder

Theme paragraph: 

"Interloper" themes and support

Theme paragraph template

27B        Tutorial


Values Essay due

Check grades

Work on values essay, read and re-read before turning in

Work on other work or read


"The Danger of a Single Story" (3 minute cut)

Chimamanda Adichie

Begin narrative writing:
Choose a topic 
Plot out your story

Your personal narrative

assignment and models

Oct 1B         SSR

Elements of Fiction

Narrative Writing Scoring Guide

Work on your narrative


Narrative Writing:

Kinds of sentences video

Conjunction info

Kinds of sentences frame

HW-Complete plot, begin to add dialogue, character and setting description


Library Lesson #3: 

How to evaluate a website/RADCAB/Fake News (Digital Citizenship Lesson)

6th 9:55-11:24

8th 1:45-3:15

4A         Tutorial

Theme Paragraph due

Narrative Writing

Using strong verbs video

Strong Verbs handout

Continue to refine your narrative by....

*adding dialogue

*check your 'write your own dialogue' assignment for info on formatting

*adding character and/or setting description

*checking kinds of sentences and adding variety

*looking at verbs and adding strong verbs

*look over narrative checklist

*look over narrative scoring guide

*look over formatting info

5B          Assembly


Work on narrative

What to do today on your narrative.pdf


Elements of a story:

"Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara

Assessments based on the text and your work with character and theme


Pick up Catcher in the Rye copies

2nd: 10:30

3rd 12:15

Last day in class for narrative:

Narrative Scoring Guide

First Two Words activity

10          No periods


Early Dismissal


Intro to Catcher in the Rye:

Anthropological  Wheel  with Dead Poets' Society


No School-

Statewide Teacher Inservice

15B            SSR

Begin Lifeboat Project

Lifeboat Project directions and rubric

Basic information form


Novel: Catcher In the Rye

Catcher in the Rye page

Values List

Character handout

Character padlet

Literary Devices website

Literary devices handout

Literary devices padlet

HW-Finish reading chapters 1-6

17B            SSR

Work on Lifeboat Project

18A        Tutorial

Narrative Paper due

Novel: Catcher In the Rye

Quiz on chapters 1-6

Read chapter 7-9 

track passages

HW-Read chapters 7-9

19B      Tutorial


Work on Lifeboat Project

Lifeboat Project Due


Novel: Catcher In the Rye

Quiz on chapters 7-9

Character resume

Chapter titles

HW-Chapters 10-12

23B           SSR

Grade check in

Naviance set up

Oregon CIS
1)login with username: 1Franklin and password: FHS03 (that’s a zero), then create your own portfolio/profile.  You will use your new username and password to login from this point on. 

Explore the site and after you have, take the Interest Profiler survey, which can be found under the Exploration Tab (under Find Career Assessments)

Write a reflection of the information from the Interest Profiler. What did you find out about yourself and what careers might be suited to you? Do you think your results were accurate? Why or why not? Call this document: Interest Profiler reflection

24A         Tutorial

Novel: Catcher In the Rye

Funnel strategy

Discussion around choices

Continue tracking values, characteristics or literary devices

HW-Read chapters 13-15

25B          Tutorial

Mindfulness Class

26A      End of Quarter

Novel: Catcher In the Rye

Pass a Passage
Chapters 13-15

HW-Read chapters 16-19

Oct 29

No school for students-

Planning Day for teachers

30B           SSR

Digital Citizenship research


Novel: Catcher In the Rye

Quiz CR 16-19

Go over quiz and talk about important passages for character or literary devices

HW-Read chapters 20-21

Nov 1B        SSR

Digital Citizenship research


Novel: Catcher in the Rye

Go over 20-21

Read chapter 22 together in class

Track passages and name chapters

HW-Read chapters 23-24

5B         SSR

Digital Citizenship research


Novel: Catcher in the Rye

Go over chapters 23-24

Read chapters 25-26 together in class

Discuss the end of the book

7B            SSR

Digital Citizenship research

8A          Tutorial

How to participate in a Socratic Seminar

Article #1

Article #2

Socratic Seminar

9B          Tutorial


Digital Citizenship research

Nov 12

No School-Veterans' Day


Socratic Seminar on Holden's value and traits

Literary Analysis:

14B             SSR

Digital Citizenship presentations


Socratic Seminar on author's choices

Literary Analysis

16B          SSR

Digital Citizenship Presentations

Nov 19th


Nov 20th



        Thanksgiving Break


       Thanksgiving Break


       Thanksgiving Break


How to put passages into your paper

Literary Analysis


28A         Tutorial

Literary Analysis

29B        Tutorial

Literary Analysis paper due


Hero's Journey

Dec 3B


Hero's Journey



Hero's Journey



The Odyssey


Mindfulness Class

12A         Tutorial

The Odyssey

13B        Tutorial


The Odyssey

Dec 31

No school-Holiday


No school-Holiday



The Odyssey argument unit



The Odyssey argument unit


9A     Tutorial

The Odyssey argument unit

10B      Tutorial


Final Review Game


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