Ms. Garrett online

January 21

No school-MLK Holiday

January 22

No school-Planning Day

January 23A

Pick up Bronx copies

New Seats and Passes

Review Classroom Expectations

What is poetry?

"Look" by Nate Marshall

The poetry of personal experience

Poetry Terms

*We Wear the Mask"

*Read Bronx Masquerade and fill out character chart

Bronx audio on YouTube

HW-Read to page 23 and fill out character chart

January 24B 


Clean out folders

Work on Two Career Pathways-last day

Two Career Pathways share out

Two Career Pathways Due

January 25A

"Zoom Out" Kealoha


Exit Ticket:
Make a prediction about what you think will happen in the next section. 
Share out

*Read Bronx p. 23-57 filling out character chart

*Beneath the Surface poem: 

*Beneath the Surface masks

*Words describing people

HW-Beneath the surface mask, poem, and pages 23-58 in Bronx with chart

January 28B


Four Year Plan

AP Seminar

January 29A

"Average Black Girl" by Ernestine Johnson

More student models

Work on reading and character chart

Begin reading p. 58-81

Work on Beneath the surface poem and mask

HW-Read Bronx to page 82
Finish poem-due next class

January 30B 


Counselors in CCE

January 31A         Tutorial

Mask Due
Beneath the Surface poem due

"Knock Knock" by Daniel Beaty

"Knock Knock" text

Letter to....poem
assignment and 

”Message to a Friend”(Bronx p. 43)

“A Letter to my Mother”
(Bronx p. 161) 

Teacher models:
Ms. McNeil
Mr. Drescher

Student Models

Descriptive Word List-see writing resources

Work on pre-write and then poem

HW-Read Bronx Masquerade p. 82-101 filling out character chart

Work on Letter to...Poem due Feb 6th

February 1B   Tutorial


Last day for Four Year Plan

Work on poems

Four Year Plan Due

February 4A

"Hell" by Talib Kweli

Work on Letter to poem

Watch Louder Than a Bomb 

HW-Work on Letter To...Poem and continue reading Bronx Masquerade and filling out the character chart

February 5B

February 6A         Tutorial

Letter to..... Poem due

Ben Payne at Verselandia "Shatter the Lies" 28:06

"Shatter the Lies" by Ben Payne (text)


When You Tell My Story poem:


Pre-Write 1

​Pre-Write 2

Challenge with this poem: Alliteration

HW-Continue reading Bronx and filling out character chart

Work on "When You Tell My Story" poem

February 7B         Tutorial

February 8A

"Your Result" by Lauren Steele

'Your Result'

with poem text and pre-write

 Other Models:

Ms. Perdue
Ms. Garrett

Work on poems

Choose your
Cafe La Resistance poem

HW-Work on
When you tell my story poem due 
Read Bronx and fill out chart

February 11B

February 12A

When You Tell My Story poem due

"Negative Imagery Holding Us Down"

Lauryn Hill

Work on poem(s)

HW-Read Bronx Masquerade and fill in character chart

February 13B

February 14A       Tutorial

Your Result poem due

"S is for Lisp" George Watzsky

Choose poem for Cafe Resistance

Finish "Louder Than a Bomb"

Work on poem or reading and character chart 

HW-Practice poem for Cafe Resistance

February 15B         Tutorial

February 18

No school-Presidents' Day

February 19A

Bronx Character chart due

Theme Paragraph on Bronx Masquerade

February 20B   

Early Dismissal


February 21A

Begin Theme Paragraph for Bronx Masquerade

February 22B

Open Mic

February 25A

Theme Paragraph on Bronx Masquerade

February 26B

February 27A  Tutorial

Theme Paragraph on Bronx Masquerade due

Theme Paragraph on Bronx Masquerade

Practice poem for Open Mic

February 28B   Tutorial

March 1A

Open Mic

Cafe _______

March 4B

March 5A

Narrative Writing

March 6B

March 7A        Tutorial

Narrative Writing

March 8B         Tutorial

March 11A

Narrative Writing

March 12B

March 13A      Tutorial

Narrative Writing

March 14B        Tutorial

March 15A

Narrative Writing

March 18B

March 19A

Career Expo

March 20B

March 21A       Tutorial

Introduce Explain Everything

March 22B        Tutorial

April 1A

Writing Portfolio Project

April 2B

April 3A       Tutorial

Writing Portfolio Project

April 4B       Tutorial

April 5A

Writing Portfolio Project

April 8

No classes-Planning Day

April 9B

April 10A

Writing Portfolio Project

April 11B

April 12A

Writing Portfolio Project

April 15B

April 16A

Writing Portfolio Project

April 17B

April 18A        Tutorial

Writing Portfolio Project

April 19B       Tutorial

April 22A

Writing Portfolio Project

April 23B

April 24A         Tutorial

Writing Portfolio Project

April 25B        Tutorial

April 26A

Writing Portfolio Project

April 29B

April 30A

Romeo and Juliet

May 1B

May  2A         Tutorial

Romeo and Juliet

May  3B         Tutorial

May  6A

Romeo and Juliet

May  7B

May  8A       Tutorial

Romeo and Juliet

May  9B         Tutorial

May 10A

Romeo and Juliet

May  13B

May  14A

Romeo and Juliet

May  15B

May  16A      Tutorial

Romeo and Juliet

May  17B      Tutorial

May 20A

Romeo and Juliet

May 21B

May 22A      Tutorial

Romeo and Juliet

May 23B      Tutorial

May 24A

Romeo and Juliet

May 27

No school-Memorial Day

May 28B

May 29A

Romeo and Juliet

May 30B

May 31A

Romeo and Juliet

June 3B

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