August 30

*Create desk name tags 
*Website and Classroom Expectations

*Map info
*Questions List

*Password Manager reset info

*Set up Google Classroom

*Technology survey

September 1

Writing and Reading Notebook:

Entry #1 What are your first impressions of high school? Of Franklin? 

​Pink VMA video

How to use notability

Read "All Your Questions about Gender"

Poem/short piece: What are you made of?


Little girls/little boys




September 4      

 Labor Day

No school

September 6

Entry #2 How is your poem going? Do you know what you will write about? How far have your gotten?

Handbook lessons:


Athletics  p14

Student activities p15

Clubs, assemblies p15

Student service p16

Student support programs p16&17

Library p17

Health Info p18&19


School-wide values p22

Behavioral expectations p23&24

Student discipline p25

Problem behaviors p25

Work on poem/piece

HW-Finish poem: due September 8th

September 8

Poem due

Entry #3 Make a list of times when you did something considered feminine or masculine.

Elements of a story

Plot mountain

Short Story: "And Summer is Gone"

Plot out the story in Notability

September 12

Review your list from entry #3 and add any new ideas

Review plot work from Friday

Continue plotting story

Review your brainstorm list from your notebook entry #3 
Summarize three stories from your list to your table partner 
Choose one of those
Plot out your story

Elements of Fiction

Gender narrative assignment

Work on your Gender narrative

September 14

Entry #4 Based on the dialogue that you see, write down the rules of using dialogue

How to use dialogue

Work on Gender narrative

September 18

Entry #5 Go to English page on the website and go to writing resources link at the top of the page. Find the link "How to Format a paper" for Ms. Garrett and write down three things you see there

Writing Scoring Guide

Gender narrative 

September 20

Work on gender narrative

Gender narrative due 9/22-

HW-Finish gender narrative-due Friday

September 22

Gender narrative due

Turn in using Classroom

Entry #6 A verb shows action. Make a list of strong verbs you like to use or use often. 

Using Strong Verbs

Rewrite you narrative based on the info from the Strong Verbs lesson

Run the narrative checklist

September 26

Entry #7 What makes a book a "girl book" or a "boy book"?

View Four Little Girls with Anthropology Wheel

September 28

View Dead Poets' Society 

October 2

Read chapter 1
Secret Life of Bees
Catcher in the Rye

Values List

Tracking the novel

Sign up for books

HW-Read chapters 

SLB 1-3

CR 1-6

Quiz on Wednesday

This week:

CR Chapters 2-9

SLB Chapters 2-5

October 3-CCE day

Pick up textbooks



CR Quiz 
on chapters 1-6

SLB quiz 
on chapters 1-3

Read and track passages

HW-Read chapters

SLB 4-5

CR 7-9

Quiz on Friday


Reading schedule

CR Quiz 
on chapters 7-9

SLB quiz 
on chapters 4-5

Entry #9 What do you think of the main character so far? Who is important to them? What is important to them?

What are they struggling with?

Discuss entry #9 

Character resume



Read SLB chapter 6-7 CR 10-12


Entry #8 What made you choose the book you chose? Are you happy with your choice? Why or why not?

Funnel strategy

Discussion around choices

Continue tracking passage for chapter 8 or going back


Read SLB chp 8

CR chp 13-15


Entry #10 Title the chapters for your book. Start with the ones for today and work your way back. Get as far as you can.

Pass a Passage

SLB chp 8

CR 13-15


Read SLB chap 9 and 10 through p 199

(stop at break at the bottom of 199)

CR chap 16-17


No school for students

Statewide Teacher Inservice Day


Entry #11 Take a picture of your funnel activity and put it in your writing notebook

Entry #12 Take a picture of your pass a passage activity and put it in your writing notebook

Grade/Work Conference with Ms. Garrett

Read and Track passages

Catch up on reading:

SLB 9 and 10 through p199

(Need to be ready to talk about those pages on Thursday-no reading  tonight)

CR chap 16-20

(includes tonight's reading-need to be ready to talk about those chapters on Thursday)

Catch up notebook

Due November 7th


SLB-no reading hw

CR 18-20


Entry #13 Make a prediction about what you think will happen to the main character by the end of the novel. If finished, what will happen to the main character after the book is over. Explain your prediction. 

Read chap 10 and all of chap 11 in class

Go over CR 16-20


SLB chapter 12

CR no reading hw


Entry #14

Take a look at paper topics-Can you add to the list? Which one are you thinking of doing as of right now?

SLB-Close reading activity with chap 12

Creating questions and answering them

Track passages

Read CR 21-22 

together in class


SLB chap 13

CR chap 23-24


Quiz on SLB Chapter 13

CR-Close reading activity with chap 23-24
Creating questions and answering them

Track passages

HW-Finish the book


Theme: The main idea of the story that goes outside of the confines of the story to make a point or teach a lesson

Entry #15: What is the theme of your novel? What makes you think that?

End of the book(s) discussion

Finish tracking passages

Which paper topic?

Using your tracking info, plan out your essay using the frame. 


Entry #15: What is the theme of your novel? What makes you think that?

Notebook Due November 7th

Review Essay Structure

Ms. Garrett's character essay

Student Model Essay-Holden

Student Model Essay-Lily

Essay assignment

Move essay from frame to document

Begin writing paper

HW-Finish prewrites and begin writing

November 2

How to back up your point with passages

Pre-Assessment-What do you know about putting in passages?

Example Body Paragraph

Work on paper

Exit Ticket

HW-Work on your paper

No school for students

Plan Day/Grade Day for teachers


Notebook due

Bonus entry to notebook: 

Take out your SSR book, or grab one from the shelf.  Write 2 sentences imbedding a quote from the book.  In one sentence, use the author's name in the sentence.  In the other, use the author's name in the parentheses. Get this checked by me before beginning work on paper. 

Values Essay notes

Work on paper






No school

Veteran's Day Holiday


Writer's Notebook #2

Entry #1 What kind of clause are you? Why? What kind of sentence are you? Why?

Kinds of Sentences kahoot

Conjunction info

Kinds of sentences  frame

Kinds of sentences


Make changes to paper based on lesson

Continue work on paper


Last day to work on paper


Writer's Notebook #2
entry #2:

Topic: What Makes a Hero? What does it mean to be a hero? What is your own definition?

What makes a hero?

Hero's Journey info

a jigsaw

Notes on Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey- A Toy Story example

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure-movie and mapping the hero's journey


Finish Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and mapping the Hero's Journey

Writer's Notebook #2

Entry #3 Take notes on other hero's journey vocab and put in notebook

Entry #4 Take a picture of the Hero's Journey diagram for Bill and Ted


HW-Map out the Hero's Journey of one of your favorite movies-due next class


Thanksgiving Holiday




Thanksgiving Holiday


The Odyssey

See Ms. Knowlton's website


The Odyssey

Entry #7 What is a run-on? What is a fragment? What is a comma splice? Define them by looking them up.

How to correct

Run-ons, Comma Splices, and Fragments

Final edit on paper and then submit

HW-Finish paper

December 1

Novel Essay due today

The Odyssey


The Odyssey


The Odyssey


The Odyssey


The Odyssey


Socratic Seminar notes

Socratic Seminar starters

January 1

No school 

New Year's Day


Entry #10 In your own words, what is a theme?

Review Elements of short story, annotating
Discuss elements
Debrief annotating
Review Plot Mountain
Go over How to Annotate
Read and annotate
"The Interlopers" by Saki


HW- Read "Snow" by Julia Alvarez

 and plot it out 


Continue annotating "Interlopers"


How to find the theme- a video

How to write a paragraph about theme

Theme paragraph template

Do together with "Snow"

Theme in groups

"Two Kinds"

Amy Tan

"American History"

Julia Ortiz Cofer

"How I Started Writing Poetry"

Reginald Lockett

"Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara

"The Sniper"

Liam O'Flaherty

"Two Old Women"

Velma Wallis

"Thank You, Ma'm"

Langston Hughes

"Sea Urchin"

Chang-rae Lee


Write down one question that you think should be on the final exam?

Finish theme paragraph template for "Snow"

Begin Theme in groups

(See links on 12/5)


Theme paragraph rubric

Read and write your own theme paragraph based on 

"My Name is Marguerite" from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou


Continue assessment on theme

Notebook #2 due

Final exam questions


No school

MJK Jr Holiday


Theme paragraph

Work on notebook or final exam questions


Review for final


Study or work on make up work or on honors' requirements


English final


CCE Final-6th


CCE Final-7th

Freshman English

Ms. Garrett online