Ms. Garrett online

February 6

Works Cited slide



"Dropout Nation"


Library Day! 

Book talk and check out

SSR in the room

10        SSR

Pass out Two Career Pathways Rubric

Work on projects

14       SSR

Two Career Pathways Presentations

16         SSR

Two Career Pathways presentations


No school

Presidents' Day

21         SSR

NW Youth Career Expo permission slips

Two presentations

Job Seeking Skills-Resume

Teen Resume Guide

Ms. Garrett's resume

Resume rubric

OWL Purdue Resume

Writing Help

23        SSR

Turn in permission slips

Two presentations

Job Seeking Skills- 

Resume continues

27           SSR

Oregon Careers 2017

Read over information, highlight, take notes and put in CCE folder. Be ready to discuss what you learned next class. 

March 1    SSR

Two Career Pathways presentations

Permission slips

due March 8th

NW Youth Career Expo
Before the Expo

Common Interview Questions

Peer Interviews

HW-Prep for Mock Interviews

3            SSR

Mock Interviews

Grade Check In

Work on homework/classwork



poetry analysis

Ms. McNeil's website



poetry analysis

13         SSR

More Before the Expo prep and info

CRLE reflection

Celly check-in

Two Career Pathways Presentations

15         SSR

After the Expo discussion/debrief

Begin Scar narrative assignment info

Two Career Pathways Presentations

17        SSR

Type up writing work sample and begin adding to and revising

21        SSR

Raquel comes in for CRLE

Two Career Pathways Presentations

23         SSR

Work on Scar Narratives

April 3     SSR

Pass out folders and pass back papers

Finish Dropout Nation

5            SSR

Two Career Pathways Presentations

Last day for make ups

College Unit begins:
Objectives: Students will be able to learn about and reflect upon the college application process, including how to choose, apply for, and pay for college.

I can practice and reflect upon the process of completing a college application

I can learn about and reflect upon the different ways to pay for college

I can research and compare different colleges.

I can read and evaluate sample college application essays 

I can brainstorm different topics for my college application essays and write a college application essay

College application practice-Common App

College App Q and A

7          SSR

​Continue working on College application and Q and A-Complete for Monday

10       SSR

Ask questions and discuss College App Q and A 

Add to your notes 

and put in folder for later reflection assignment

College Research Project

12        SSR

Work on College Research Project

14        SSR

Work on College Research Project

due Tuesday



Work on Presentations

Complete Citation Maker Survey

Library with SSR


Library with SSR

Complete Citation Maker Survey

Work on Presentations

20          SSR

Oregon College


24        SSR

Oregon College Presentations

Grade check in

26        SSR

Individual College Research

28        SSR

Watch "In 500 Words or Less"

May 2      SSR

Finish "In 500 Words or Less"

Sample College Essays

4            SSR

Work on College Essay

8         SSR

Work on College Essay

10         SSR

Finish College Essay

12         SSR

Funding Your Education

College Reflection






No School

Memorial Day Holiday

June 2




13     Finals14     Finals15      Finals

College and Career Exploration