Life Story Activity

Go over CCE expectations

Watch Alan Watts video

Notebook entry #1
What is your passion? What do you love to do? Why?

(on paper first, then in notebook)

My story and my brother's story

Set up Google classroom 

Sign up for Celly

Fill out Getting to Know You  in Google Classroom

Sept 1    Tutorial

Period 7 -Academics
*Academic Information: Page 8
*Academic Integrity & Add/Drop: Page 8 & 9
*PPS Diploma Requirements: Page 12
*Grading System: Pages 14 & 15

Period 8 -
*Attendance and Tardy Policy: Page 16
*Absences from School: Pages 16 -17
*Automatic 10 day Withdraw: Page 17
*Tardy Policy: Page 18

Essential Question: How do readers identify the books they want to read?

Information and research about reading

Book Interviews

Questions list in table groups

If you don't have a phone, this is the Celly email sign up 




No school-Labor Day


Textbook Checkout:

Password Reset

Goals for my reading life


Library Orientation and SSR

Books checked out today due 9/22

12          SSR

(at the end of class today)

Essential Question: How can I find answers to my questions about my school life? Who can help me?

Scavenger Hunt

Catch up on missing assignments for English

​14         SSR

Essential Question: What is Newsela and how will it help me with my reading life?

Newsela Articles: 

Malala Yousafzai
(whole class)

Serena Williams

16        SSR

Sign into Chrome using apps4pps.net account

Add Kami

Values survey and people who love what they do profiles

Choose one and answer the questions in a Google Classroom assignment

20          SSR

Values Cards and 

Values Frame

Identity posters about your values

Grade check in

HW-Read or catch up on missing work

22            SSR

Library Day!!

Books checked out on 9/8 are due today

26        SSR

Work on Newsela

articles assigned and keep going

Remember: You need to get to 8 articles by November 3rd

Catch up on missing work

28          SSR

Gallery Walk

Review Values Frame

(Model using mine)

Values Essay Assignment

Writing Scoring Guide

My values essay

Continue filling in frame

30         SSR

Values Essay Fill-in

Write Values Essay

October 4    SSR

Work on values essay

6            Tutorial

Library Day!

10         SSR

Last Day for Values essay work

or Newsela

Values Essay Due

12         SSR

Go over PSAT info

Make up Day and

1st progress report check in

Calculating my GPA

(use grades in Synergy)

HW-Create a Gmail account if you don't already have one


No school for students: Teacher Statewide Inservice Day

17         SSR

Review PSAT info

Begin Lifeboat Project

Your Lifeboat Plan

19  Early Dismissal


​21      Tutorial


Continue working on Lifeboat Project

Lifeboat Assessment and Rubric

25        SSR

Work on Lifeboat Project

Lifeboat Project Due

HW-Pack Multnomah County Library Card


27       Assembly

Library Day


Library Day

Evaluating websites

November 2     SSR

Oregon CIS

1)login with username: 1Franklin and password: FHS03 (that’s a zero), then create your own portfolio/profile.  You will use your new username and password to login from this point on. 

Explore the site and after you have, take the Interest Profiler survey, which can be found under the Exploration Tab (under Find Career Assessments)

Write a reflection of the information from the Interest Profiler. What did you find out about yourself and what careers might be suited to you? Do you think your results were accurate? Why or why not? Call this document: Interest Profiler reflection

Teacher Plan Day

7          SSR

How to Get Organized and the Cause and Effects of Being Organized







No school:

Veterans' Day Holiday


Counselor push-in

1st quarter check in


16         SSR

Naviance set up and worksheet

Extended SSR or make up or Newsela

Goal Planning for 2nd quarter and beyond

18     Tutorial


Comparing Naviance and Oregon CIS

How to Communicate with Teachers

22       SSR

Make up or Newsela or continue to explore Oregon CIS and/or Naviance


No school

Thanksgiving Holiday


No school



No school
Thanksgiving Holiday

29        SSR

Digital Citizenship Slideshow

Digital Citizenship lesson #1: My Digital Footprint

December 1    Assembly


Digital Citizenship lesson #2: Cyberbullying 

5          SSR

Make Up for CCE and English

7           SSR

Digital Citizenship lesson #3: Sexting

Digital Citizenship lesson #4: Risky Online Relationships

9        Tutorial

No school: snow day


English class today


No School: Snow Day

Digital Citizenship lesson #6: How to use online creative work responsibly

January 2

No school: Winter holiday: last day

3           SSR

Digital Citizenship lesson #6: How to use online creative work responsibly

Review and click on links on the Copyright Friendly Images page

Review digital citizenship lessons 

Digital Citizenship Test

I will keep the link open until January 20th. You may only take the test twice and you must make 16/20 to pass. You may only take the test during class time. You may not use notes. 

5             SSR

The Four Year Plan worksheet


(This is one of your 80% pieces)

Sophomore Forecasting Powerpoint

Forecast Guide 2017-18

9           SSR

The Four Year Plan

Counselors and upper class men come in to help answer questions

Continue work on plan-due Wednesday

11        SSR

Make up Day

Progress Report Grades

Four Year Plan due


13      Assembly


16 Career Clusters Slideshow

Use info from one or more of these surveys to make your choices

  • Interest Profiler (CIS)
  • Strengths Explorer (Naviance)
  • Occupation Sort (CIS)
  • Occupations Filter (CIS)

Two Career Pathways information and note taking

Two Career Pathways assignment and rubric

January 16

No school: Martin Luther King Jr holiday

18         SSR


Citing Sources

Work on Two Career Pathways

20        SSR

Work on Two Career Pathways

24        SSR

Work on Two Career Pathways


26       SSR

Work on Two Career Pathways


30       SSR

Begin Presentations

31          Finals

Feb 1       Finals

Finish Presentations

2               Finals


No school for students

Teacher plan day

College and Career Exploration-CCE

Ms. Garrett online