August 28 All Periods

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Name plates and folders
Shout out names
Garrett intro

Icebreaker-Count Off
Show Franklin website

August 29  A Day

Hall Passes and folders

Classroom Expectations

(2 take aways and one wondering)

What do you know about your name? Do you like it? Why or why not? What are some nicknames you have had? 

Icebreaker #1-name tag

Explore my website
Take notes on classroom expectations and grading to study for Kahoot on Tuesday

Icebreaker: Questions list

August 30   B Day

Book talk some books

SSR with first quarter log

Opener: Life Story

Getting to Know You Survey

Google Classroom

CCE Syllabus

September 2

Labor Day

September 3   A Day



Period 2

*Front Cover: admin, Vision, Mission
*Franklin STRONG: page 2
*About FHS, Purpose: page 3
*We Believe: page 4
*School Maps: pages 5-8

Period 3

*Academic Information: Page 9
*Add/Drop: Page 9
*Grading System: Page 10-11
*PPS Diploma Requirements: Page 12
*Academic Integrity: Page 26

Today in class:

Kahoot on Classroom Expectations and Grading


Review info you wrote about your name and make additions, put in Classroom

"My Name is Esperanza" by Sandra Cisneros

"Pam, I am" by Ms. Garrett

More models

My name worksheet

September 4    B Day


8th-Scavenger Hunt


What is your passion? What do you love to do? Why? Be prepared to share out.

View "What If Money Were No Object" by Alan Watts

The career paths of my brother and I

"What Matters To You"
a survey

and How to use Kami

September 5    A Day

Name Game

More models

Name Poem:
"My Name is not..."

Add to your poem and type up and Submit in Classroom

Finished? Write a "My name is not...." poem

Name poems due in Classroom

tomorrow 9/6

September 6   B Day


6th-Scavenger Hunt


What is your passion? What do you love to do? Why? Be prepared to share out.

View "What If Money Were No Object" by Alan Watts

The career paths of my brother and I

"What Matters To You"
a survey

and How to use Kami

September 9    A Day

What are the characteristics of a story?

Elements of a Story-Plot

Highlighting activity on Plot:
Conflict: orange
Rising Action: yellow
Falling action: blue
Resolution: pink

Read "Thank You, Ma'm"

Plot out story​

Prep for textbook checkout:


September 10     B Day

Textbook Checkout

​6th: 9:53-10:25

8th: 2:30-3:15


Values Essay:
Values list
and Values frame

September 11   A Day

How does dialogue help us understand more about the characters? Go back and look at "Thank You, Ma'am"

How to format dialogue

Write your own dialogue

September 12    B Day


Focused Note Taking

Essay notes (blank)

Garrett's essay notes

​Continue values essay by filling out frame completely, using anecdotes as your support for topics

September 13    A Day

Elements of a Story: character

View Film 7:30-13:24

 "Two Kinds"​

Plot it out

Characterization Info on Elements of a Story handout and on frame

Words that describe character

Group activity with  characterization

September 16    B Day



​What to do next on your values essay

Ms Garrett's values essay

Work on creating your body paragraphs


Library Lesson #1

September 17    A Day


Review plot and characterization

View Wonder

September 18    B Day

6th period:

Library Lesson #1

8th Period:


​What to do next on your values essay

Ms Garrett's values essay

Work on creating your body paragraphs

September 19   A Day

Finish Wonder and go over info from notes, discussing plot, characterization

September 20     B Day


Review essay notes and summarize



Work on Introduction and Conclusion

Writing Scoring Guide: ideas and organization

September 23   A Day


What is important about place? Do you feel differently at home than at school? Why? Have you ever been to another town? state? country? How did being in those places make you feel? Why do you think that is?

​Elements of a Story:

How to Annotate

paper copy

"Reindeer Games"
and setting description

September 24    B Day


Use checklist to go over your paper and rewrite

September 25    A Day

Kahoot! Elements of a Story review

Continue with setting in "Reindeer Games"

Elements of a Story:

Review Elements of short story, annotating for theme

Go over How to Annotate

Read and annotate
"The Interlopers" (text) by Saki
Audio of "The Interlopers"

finish annotation and debrief

September 26   B Day


Values Essay due

Check PPS email

September 27   A Day

Review plot of Interlopers on Plot Map

​Adaptation of "The Interlopers"

Read and annotate "The Interlopers" (share out)

How to find the theme- a video

Theme activity: Making a claim and supporting it

September 30   B Day

Library Lesson #2

October 1     A Day


Watch Theme Video from last class and write steps for how to determine a theme on index card, then tape in folder

Theme paragraph: 

Complete "Interlopers" paragraph on template and type up

Theme paragraph template

Narrative Topics: Choose 4 and brainstorm the paper you might write

October 2     B Day

Narrative Writing
"The Danger of a Single Story" (3 minute cut)
Chimamanda Adichie

Begin narrative writing:
Choose a topic 
Plot out your story

Your personal narrative
assignment and models

October 3    A Day

​Theme with Mr. Oliver

October 4    B Day

Portland Book Festival

Elements of Fiction

Work on your narrative

October 7    A Day

Ta-nehisi Coates

Coming to Portland-

See Sunny for permission slips



Kinds of Sentences

Work on narrative rewrite

October 8    B Day


Narrative Writing Scoring Guide
Narrative Checklist

Work on narrative rewrite

October 9    A Day

Perks of Being A Wallflower

October 10    B Day

Personal Narrative due



Grade Check in

Work on....

  • Theme paragraph for "Raymond's Run" and submit
  • Work on narrative
  • Extended SSR
  • Other school work

October 11

No school for students

Statewide Teacher Inservice

October 14    A Day


Perks of Being A Wallflower

Begin Two Person Poem


"A Woman of Color"

"Teen Mothers"


"This is Us"
Categories from Two Person models

Write 15 lines using the categories we brainstormed about you

October 15   B Day

Pick up Aristotle and Dante

Career Day Info

Read Pages 1-35 and take notes


Homework: Study for Quiz on pages 1-35

October 16

Early Dismissal


October 17    A Day

Quiz on pages 1-35

Review pages 1-35

Read pages 36-56

Character quote activity


A and D Pages 36-66

October 18    B Day




A Field Guide to Awesome Friendships

Lifeboat assignment and assessments

Pass Back papers

October 21    A Day​

Summarize what happened in the story so far

Character quotes posters

Honors/Extra credit story

More on characterization

 Classwork/Homework: Read

A and D Pages 67-98

and use Steal Method of Characterization 

Quote Tracker

Work on individual lines for the two person poem

October 22   B Day 


Work on Lifeboat

October 23  A Day Tutorial

Review chapter summaries on Padlet

Share out STEAL Method quotes

Journal: What are some legal and non harmful actions or emotions men or boys are not allowed to commit or express? Why? What happens when men or boys commit certain actions or express certain emotions? Why do you believe this is the case? 

Podcast on Gender

Discuss ideas from your journal and from the Podcast

Lin Manuel Miranda reads

A and D Pages 99-132

Homework: Continue reading to page 132 and answer the questions

October 24  B Day Tutorial


Lifeboat presentations due

Work on individual lines for partner poem

October 25   A Day

Go over questions on pages 99-132

Review those pages

Symbol Pictionary

Discussion on symbols in

A and D

Symbol worksheet


Chapters 9 and 10
A and D pages 133-165

and look for symbols and what they represent

Work on individual lines for the two person poem due Tuesday

October 28    B Day


Work on individual poem lines

Counselors visit

October 29    A Day​


Review pages 146-166 with a storyboard

Talk about symbol sheet

Put together partner poems

Homework: Read A and D pages 166-178

October 30    B Day


Read pages 179-198 together

​Work on library lesson

Complete Library Lesson #2 and turn in

October 31   A Day

Mr. Oliver teaches

Activity with pages 169-198


A and D pages 199-232 and continue using symbol and/or passage tracker; study for quiz on Tuesday

November 1

No school for students

Teacher plan/grade day

November 4     B Day


New seats/new passes

SSR-new log

How to Begin a 21 day Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset 21 day

Challenge assignment and rubric


What I see in Newsela

Use passage tracker or symbol sheet to go back through and look for passages for your paper

Homework: Read pages 199-232 and brainstorm questions for quiz

November 5    A Day

Quiz on pages 199-232

​Go over quiz

A and D pages 235-266 with questions 
Continue Values Discussion for main characters

Fill out values chart or brainstorm ideas for honors paper

November 6    B Day


​Digital Technology lesson:

My Digital Life is Like

My Digital Life is Like....in partners​

​Digital Quiz

Clean out folders

Work on Partner Poems due tomorrow

November 7    A Day

Partner Poems Due

A and D pages 267-294 and continue with questions

Character partner poem

November 8    B Day


Continue with Protocols
Healthy Relationships: 

Making Conversation

Five Phases of Notetaking

Choosing your format

How to Sketch Note Without Drawing

Ted Talk "How to Make Conversation"

Big Bang Theory and conversation

Discuss this conversation

​Conversation Trading


Share out conversation trading handout

Challenge:  Talk to someone new this week and write/share about how it went​

November 11

Veterans' Day Holiday

November 12    A Day


There, their, they're and there as a subject

Go over with questions the previous pages

Lin Manuel Miranda reads

 A and D 297-334

Work on character values sheet

Homework: Finish and submit character partner poems

Read pages to 334

November 13    B Day


Share out about meeting someone new from last class challenge

How to participate in Philosophical Chairs?

Go over Rules of Engagement

​Philosophical Chairs handout

Hot Dog articles

​Video #1/ Video #2


Work on Growth Mindset Journals-due Dec 2nd

November 14    A Day

 A and D pages 335-end

Discuss theme

Complete character values graphic organizer

Theme Graphic Organizer
Honors Discussion on "Flowers for the Broken" 
Please bring notes 

November 15    B Day


Paper assignment:Values

Character Values Essay model

Paper assignment: Theme

Theme essay model

Discussion on standards 
Begin work on body paragraphs for Ari and Dante values essay or theme essay

Check in with Ms. Garrett and Mr. Oliver after each paragraph

November 18  A Day


Growth Mindset Journal reminder

Kinds of Sentences

How to avoid run-ons and fragments: worksheet in Google Classroom

Work on Essay

November 19   B Day

Strong Verbs
Work on Ari and Dante paper

Nov 20 A Day tutorial

Writing mini-lesson-Mr. Oliver: Embedding quotes

How to Embed Quotes Video

How to Embed Quotes handout

Mr. Oliver's Slide Show

Work on Essay

Nov 21    B Day tutorial

Common Conventions errors and Checklist

Work on Ari and Dante paper

November 22   A Day

Ari and Dante paper due today

Work on paper: due 2pm


Extended SSR

November 25


November 26


November 27

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 28

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 29

Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2      B Day

Growth Mindset Journals due


​Newsela-two new articles assigned

December 3     A Day

Mr. Oliver-Hero's Journey

December 4    B Day


Gratitude Lesson:

"An Experiment in Gratitude"

"The Power of Gratitude"-an article​

"Three Gratitudes" a poem​

"Gratitude: A Short Film"

 Letter Instructions

Grade Check In

December 5    A Day


Mr Oliver-Hero's Journey

December 6     B Day



Turn in Gratitude Letter

6th period only: 

Grade check in and work day or extended SSR

8th period only: Philosophical Chairs-Is a hot dog a sandwich?

December 9   A Day

Mr. Oliver-Hero's Journey

December 10    B Day


Twitter feed

Min Jin Lee field trips

Philosophical Chairs-

Social Media and Friendships

Friendship and Social Media Survey

Note taking Handout


​How the Internet is Changing Friendships-

a video

​How Craving Attention Makes You Less Creative-

a TED Talk

​Next class:

Philosophical Chairs:

​"Social Media Improves Friendship"

December 11    A Day


Mr. Oliver-Hero's Journey

December 12    B Day



Odyssey Honors piece

Philosophical Chairs 

​"Social Media Improves Friendships/Relationships"

Reflection on discussion

December 13   A Day

Mr. Oliver-Hero's Journey

December 16    B Day


Evaluating Websites Lesson:
Essential Question: When can you trust what you find on the Internet?

RAD CAB website

RADCAB handout

​Crash Course: Who Can You Trust? Navigating Digital Information

​Handout: Article Analysis

Lateral Reading

Two Career Pathways Assignment
Due January 9th

December 17    A Day

What do you know about the Odyssey? What do know about Poseidon? Zeus? Athena? Hermes?

Where in the World Did Odysseus Go? 

Slideshow of terms


Jigsaw the adventures:

The Cicones-Garrett

The Lotus Eaters

The Cyclops-H


The Lastrygonians


The Underworld


Scylla and Charybdis


On the Raft

December 18    B Day

Two Career Pathways

December 19   A Day


Share out Jigsaw

Literary Tea Party

December 20    B Day


Two Career Pathways

January 6    A Day


The Odyssey- the film

​Final review questions

January 7   B Day


How to Write a Works Cited Page

Citation Maker

Two Career Pathways

January 8    A Day


The Odyssey-the film

January 9    B Day

Forecasting Fair


Two Career Pathways 
Due next CCE class at the beginning of class 1/13

January 10    A Day

Finish the film

Make Flashcards for the final

January 13    B Day


Two Career Pathways Presentations

Begin Four Year Plan

Info from counselors

January 14    A Day

Final review

Work on Flash Cards for final exam

​Flash cards due

January 15    B Day


Ms. Garrett's 4 year plan

Club List

Forecasting Info

 Work on Four Year Plan
2020-2021 Forecast Guide

January 16    A Day


​Forecasting Form

​​Work on Four Year Plan or study for final or SSR

January 17    B Day



Four Year Plan

January 20

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

January 21

All periods

​Study and ask questions

2/3 Study for final

6/8 Work on four year plan or study for English final

Questions for counselors

January 22

Finals 1/2/4

2nd CCE-Work on 4 year plan with forecasting sheet

January 23

Finals 5/6/8

6th and 8th-English Final 

January 24

Finals 3/7

3rd CCE-Work on 4 year plan with forecasting sheet

Freshman First Semester

English on A Days in purple/CCE on B Days in orange

Ms. Garrett online