August 29   

*Name tags and say your name
*Website and Classroom Expectations
*Play name tag in table groups
*Clock Partners

*Begin Two Voice Poem (models)

HW-Bring Classroom Expectations home and get it signed-due tomorrow

31       Tutorial

Classroom Expectations due

*Writer's Notebook #1

entry #1
How is your poem going? Are you thinking of things to write about with your partner? Explain why or why not.

*Continue work on Two Voice poem

*Share out 2 lines from your poem

HW-Work on your  poem

September 2  

*Writer's Notebook #1

entry #2

What did you learn yesterday from your student handbook lessons?

1st period:

*Student Activities and Services: Page 24
*Clubs, Assemblies, Athletic events, & Dances: Pages 24 &25
 *Student Services: Page 26
* Student Support Programs: Pages 27 &28

*Library/Media Center: Page 28
*Student Health Services: Page 30

2nd Period:​

*Schoolwide Values: Page 41
*Behavioral Expectation Matrix Intro Help students understand the terms, locations and expectations of students and staff: Page 42 
*Student Responsibilities & Expectations of Staff: Page 42

Finish Two-Voice poems with your partner

HW-Polish poem for Tuesday turn in

 Labor Day-No school 


Two-Voice poem due 

Seating Chart

Essential Question: What is a narrative paragraph?

*Writer's Notebook #1

entry #3
What is a paragraph?

Debrief paragraph brainstorm as a whole class

How to Write a narrative paragraph

with Cornell notes

Narrative paragraph pre-write

HW-Complete narrative paragraph pre-write


Essential Question:

What is my writing process?

*Writer's Notebook #1

entry #4

What was easy about completing your narrative paragraph pre-write? What was difficult?

Discuss successes and challenges with the pre-write

Paragraph rubric

Write your narrative paragraph

Turn in your two-person poem

HW-Complete narrative paragraph


Narrative paragraph due

Essential Question: What is the Hero's Journey?

Writer's Notebook #1

entry #5:

Topic: What Makes a Hero? What does it mean to be a hero? What is your own definition?

What makes a hero?

Hero's Journey info

Read "The End of Eternal Spring" and Map the journey of Persephone

Hero's Journey- A Toy Story example

HW-Map out the Hero's Journey of one of your favorite movies-due next class

15 Tutorial: Club Fair

Share out movie maps in table groups

Essential Question: What information can help me better understand the Odyssey ? How?

Writer's Notebook #1

entry #6

Topic: Odyssey notes
The Odyssey-an introduction

Literary Tea Party

entry #7

HW: Read independently or explore info on the Odyssey and/or The Illiad online

Send interesting websites to Ms. Garrett

Assembly Schedule


Essential Question: 

What did I learn last class about the Odyssey that will help me better understand the story?

Take a picture of your Odyssey notes and your literary tea party info and put it in your notebook as entries #6 and #7

(see list of entries to the right)>>>>

Then, take selfie of you or use an avatar and put on your apps4pps account

Greek Myth: Names and Places-in table groups

entry #8

View Odyssey iBook

The Odyssey

Fagles Translation

Take a picture of Greek myth handout and put in Writer's Notebook #1

So far in Writer's Notebook #1

#1 How goes the poem?

#2 What did you learn from the handbook info?

#3 What is a paragraph? brainstorm

#4 How was it doing your narrative prewrite?

#5 What makes a hero?

#6 Odyssey notes

#7 Literary Tea Party

#8 Greek myth-names and places

21  Early Dismissal

Writer's Notebook #1

entry #9

Based on what you know so far, make a prediction about what will happen to Odysseus.

"Where in the World did Odysseus go?"video

Read "The Cicones" and "The Lotus Eaters"

What images can we use to represent those stories?

Listen to "The Cyclops"together 

(ibook-Fagles translation)

Notes on narrative paragraphs


*Something has to happen

*Number 1-20 are always written out. Above 20, use numerals unless it is the beginning of a sentence. 

*Subject/Object pronouns

*Tell it in past tense,

stay in past tense

*Make sure to check capitalization

*Left align and indent

*Avoid second person "you"

*If you are going to have a title, center the title

23       Tutorial

Writer's Notebook #1

entry #10 Free write

Odysseus' challenges: A jigsaw:

*Tiresias and the Underworld
*The Sirens
*Scylla and Charybdis
*Helios-The Sun God
*On the raft 

Find an image to represent your adventure and put it on the timeline as you and your partners summarize your adventure


Review, add to, and turn in Writer's Notebook #1

Hero's Journey:

mapping Odysseus' journey in the film

The Odyssey

the film

29           Tutorial


The Odyssey,

the film

October 3

Finish the film and the Hero's Journey map for Odyssey

Scenes from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Sirens

Lotus Eaters

The Cyclops

Submit Writer's Notebook #1

Set up Secret Life of Bees  folder

5         Tutorial

Four Little Girls

with Anthropological Wheel


Pass out books

How to use Notability

Secret Life of Bees

Chapter 1 and 2

HW-Finish reading chapter 1 and 2 for quiz on Tuesday


Quiz on chapters 1 and 2 SLB

Add timeline to SLB folder-write down brief summary of chapter 1 and 2 as a class

Timeline chap 1-7

Read chapter 3

as a class

Home narrative assignment

HW-Read chapter 4 and study for quiz on 3 and 4

Work on narrative

Bee Reading Work Sample

13         ​

Quiz on

chapters 3 and 4 SLB

Add chapter 3 and 4

to timeline

Read chapter 5

as a class

Elements of a story
Elements of Fiction
and Writing Resources

Read "Dingo de Mayo"
Plot out as a class

HW- Finish chapter 5

Read chapter 6

Study for quote

quiz on 5 and 6

Work on home

narrative by getting

10 moments written down

No school for students

Statewide Teacher



Quiz on chapters 5 and 6

SLB Read some of chapter 7 as a class

How to Format Dialogue

Pick one of your moments and approve with me 

Plot out narrative

Begin writing

HW-Finish chapter 7
Work on narrative 


Read chapter 8 as a class and silently,

adding to your timeline 

SLB folder

Work on narrative
You should have a completed 1st draft before Monday

HW-Read chapter 9 and prepare for a quiz on 7-9

Work on Narrative


Pop up quiz on 7-9

Secret Life of Bees

Read chapter 10 

Passage work with values and author's craft

Values list

HW-Work on narrative/finish chapter 10


Review chapter 10

Read chapter 11 annotating 

HW-Read chapter 12


Add to timeline chapter 11 and 12

Work on narrative revision: strong verbs

Strong verb video

Editing and Checklist

(see writing resources-narrative checklist)

HW-Read chapter 13

November 1

Respond to the following in writing:

Why do you think Sue Monk Kidd wrote The Secret Life of Bees? What lessons/morals/ themes are shown? How are they shown? (character, setting, point of view, plot, etc.)

Review chapter 13

Read chapter 14 together

Continue gathering examples from SLB

Narrative due today


Lily's Values Essay-

the assignment

Symbol paper/author's craft-

the assignment

Planning your paper

Work on paper-planning and writing

HW-Work on your paper


Plan Day


Essay model-values

essay model-symbols

Essay checklist-paper copy

(also in Writing Resources)

Work on paper

Papers passed back

HW-Finish 1st draft of paper






No school-

Veteran's Day


Review models from last class and write

HW-Watch Kinds of Sentences video-link on Thursday


Work on paper

Kinds of Sentences frame

Conjunction handout

Kinds of sentences video

Continue working on paper and vary sentence structure

HW-Work on paper


Work on paper

Last day in class

HW-Work on paper

Lit analysis due Monday 11/28


Thanksgiving Holiday




Thanksgiving Holiday


Mrs. Z teaches

House on Mango Street

See her website for more info


House on Mango Street

December 2

House on Mango Street


House on Mango Street


House on Mango Street


House on Mango Street


House on Mango Street


Snow Day

January 4

Kinds of sentences revisited: Watch video

Kinds of sentences Live

Kinds of sentences rewrite 


Writing workshop:

Work on papers or if you don't have papers to work on, write something new or revise something old

Only writing today all period

List of prompts to give you some ideas

25 Prompts for timed writing(mostly essay)

500 writing prompts for high school students


Review Elements of short story, annotating

Discuss elements

Debrief annotating

Review Plot Mountain

Go over How to Annotate

Read and annotate

"The Interlopers" by Saki

Discuss the theme (watch video) and evidence from the story of that theme

HW-Read "Snow" by Julia Alvarez, plot it out 




No school
MLK Jr. Day




Review info about theme

(re-watch video from 10th, taking notes)

Work on homework story
Reread and annotate

Share out about homework story

Begin to read "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan


Finish  annotating

"Two Kinds"

Get to theme-follow steps in video

Groups of three to get evidence for the theme your group chose


Share out info on theme with evidence from "Two Kinds"

Final Review Questions:

Work on in class


Final review: Ask Ms. Garrett a question


31  FinalsFeb 1  Finals2   Finals


No school for students

Teacher Plan Day

Freshman English-First Semester

Writing Resources Link

​Honors Requirements

Ms. Garrett online