August 19th and 20th 

12pm to 6pm


Franklin HS Campus

Link Leader Training

You must attend BOTH days and the entire training to be a leader

August 22nd

7am to 12:30pm

I may need some people to do afternoon tours

Gym and Classrooms

Franklin HS Campus

Orientation for Freshmen


On your ownGet to know your crew-social
September 15th


Link Crew Class takes care of this

New student mixer

Students new to FHS in grades 10-12

October 24th at lunch

Gym or outside

Mix-It-Up Day-National Day

Games and food

Getting to know people

November 13-17

ClassroomsAcademic Check-In

December 5-9

Make Cards for your crewHoliday and creation and delivery

January 18th

after school till 5pm


Cocoa and Cram

Freshman Study Sessions with Link Leaders



On your ownCheck-in with your group-social

February 22nd at lunch

(This event might move to Nov/Dec)

CafeteriaMix-It-Up event 

March 12-23 at lunch

Classroom TBD

Check-in academic

Cup of Noodle lunch

March-Multicultural Week

CafeteriaMix-It-Up event 


Application ProcessApplication Process

May 25th

GymLink Crew Tryouts

June 5th


Snack and Study

Study session for spring final

  • Set up_MP30:47

Listen to the following to help you practice

  • Practice, Practice_MP31:18

  • Campus Tour_MP34:02

  • What Every Freshman_MP32:24

  • 64 Squares-5 questions_MP35:40

  • 4 Ps_MP36:27

  • Question List_MP32:54

  • Life Story_MP35:04

  • Team Juggling_MP36:17

  • Name Tag_MP37:15
  • Team Juggling_MP36:17
  • Life Story_MP35:04

  • Count off_MP31:33

  • Leader Introduction_MP31:53


Link Leader Handbook

Freshman Orientation: Info for Link Leaders

7-8 Link Crew Prep-There is a lot of work to do that cannot be done till that morning. Be on time! 
8-8:20 Registration (This is for the freshmen to get name tags and situated in the bleachers. This doesn't have anything to do with classes.)
8:20-9:35 Opening Assembly and Mixer(partner lines)
9:35-9:45 Freshmen find you and you move them to classrooms-keep up with everyone. One leader in front and one in back.
9:45-11:15 Small Groups Meet
11:15 to 11:35 Tour(with stories)
11:35-11:55 Back to gym for closing assembly

Freshman Orientation for Freshmen

8-8:20 Registration (This is the freshmen to get name tags and situated in the bleachers. This doesn't have anything to do with classes.)
8:20-9:35 Opening Assembly and Mixer
9:35-9:45 Freshmen move to classrooms with Link Leaders
9:45-11:15 Small Groups Meet
11:15 to 11:35 Tour
11:35-11:55 Back to gym for closing assembly

This will help keep you organized between training and the first day. You will get your crew lists and t-shirts and prep your bags for the first day on Sunday after training. We will try to get you the most accurate list, but there will be changes along the way as students add and drop. I will come around after you are in the classrooms on orientation day to pick up your revised sheets, so the first thing you should do is take roll, letting me know who was not there and who is additional.

Important Info:

  • Make sure you both know the schedule for Tuesday, August 22nd
  • Practice with your partner-in person, via Facetime or Skype, over the phone. Practice!!

Report to the gym at 7am on Wednesday, August 22nd! Don't be late!​ I will be there at 6am.

I will also need people to come in early August to learn the building, give tours to adults, and some leaders to work registration. Please sign up on the Celly to stay in touch. TEXT @linkcrewfhs  to  9714074035 or ask to join the Facebook group-Franklin High School Link Crew

Map of new Franklin-Please look over and get to know before early August

Link Crew 2017-18

Ms. Garrett online