January 27

Teacher Planning

No school for students

January 28   A Day

Social Justice Poetry

January 29

January 30  A Day

Social Justice Poetry

January 31

February 3    A Day

Social Justice Poetry

February 4   

February 5    A Day

Social Justice Poetry

February 6

February 7     A Day

Social Justice Poem due

Justice Narrative begins

February 10

 February 11    A Day

Justice Narrative

February 12

February 13     A Day

Justice Narrative

February 14

February 17    

Presidents' Day

No school

February 18    A Day

Justice Narrative

February 19    

February 20    A Day

Justice Narrative Due

February 21

February 24    A Day

Open Mic

February 25 

Progress Reports Due

February 26     A Day

Begin Nervous Conditions

February 27 

February 28     A Day

Nervous Conditions

March 2

March 3    A Day

Nervous Conditions

March 4

Early Dismissal

ACT Day 

March 5

March 6     A Day

Nervous Conditions

March 9

March 10     A Day

Nervous Conditions

March 11

March 12    A Day

Nervous Conditions

March 13

March 16     A Day

Nervous Conditions

March 17

March 18     A Day

Nervous Conditions

March 19 

March 20     A Day

Nervous Conditions


March 30

March 31    A Day

Compare/Contrast paper

April 1

 April 2     A Day

Compare/Contrast paper

April 3

April 6

Teacher Planning Day

No school for students

April 7  A Day

Compare/Contrast paper

April 8 

April 9     A Day

Compare/Contrast paper

April 10

April 13     A Day

Begin Persepolis

April 14

April 15     A Day


April 16

April 17     A Day


April 20

April 21     A Day


April 22

April 23      A Day


April 24

April 27     A Day


April 28

April 29     A Day


April 30

May 1     A Day


May 4

May 5     A Day

Argument paper

May 6

May 7     A Day

​Argument paper

May 8

May 11     A Day

​Argument paper

May 12

May 13     A Day

​Argument paper

May 14

May 15     A Day

​Argument paper Due

May 18

May 19     A Day

The Refugees

May 20

May 21     A Day

The Refugees

May 22

May 25

No school

Memorial Day Holiday

May 26     A Day

The Refugees

May 27

May 28     A Day

The Refugees

May 29

June 1     A Day

June 2June 3    FinalsJune 4     FinalsJune 5     Finals

June 8

June 9June 10June 11June 12

Sophomore English-First Semester

Sophomore English-Second Semester

Ms. Garrett online

August 28

All periods

Sign in
Name plates and folders
Shout out names
Garrett intro

August 29   A Day

​Street Poets_


Syllabus and Classroom Expectations

(2 take aways and 1 wondering)

Technology/Class set up

Google Classroom


Password reset

Getting to Know You Survey

August 30

September  2

No school

Labor Day

September  3  A Day


Seating Chart

Field Trip Slips

Revisit brainstorm of your neighborhood: What are some words that describe your neighborhood?

Words that describe place

"Don't Go" poem and prewrite and "You're Gonna Miss" poems and prewrite

Poem assignment

Be prepared to share out 4+ lines

September  4

September  5   A Day


Finish poems-due in Classroom tomorrow

Honors or Extra credit:

If you finish, create an ode  from a neighborhood you know or one that is fictional. 

​Poems due tomorrow in Classroom

September  6

September  9   A Day

What is an essay?

free write and share out

Ms. Garrett answers your questions

Focused Note Taking

Review basic essay structure with notes

Favorite Place Essay Prewrite

Prewrite model

Essay models

Favorite place assignment

September  10

September  11  A Day Tutorial

Field Trip Info and Plan

Timed Write:

Favorite Place Essay

September  12

September  13  A Day

Type up Favorite Place Essay and put in Classroom

Writing Resources

  • Writing Scoring Guide

  • Essay checklist

  • Formatting a Paper for Ms. Garrett

Look over Neighborhood Project and begin work

September  16

September 17 A Day

Introduce Neighborhood Project

​FHS film-"Portland Expanding"

In the Heights opening night on Broadway

Prep for In the Heights

September  18

September  19  A Day

See In the Heights

a field trip

September  20

September  23  A Day


Answer more questions about the class(Garrett)

Write down two questions about In the Heights that you would like to ask your classmates or that you would like to discuss. Consider the theme/s of the play.

Speaking standard

In the Heights


PSAT booklets

Reflect on your participation in the discussion

SSR Survey


Living up the Street
Journal #1:
"Being Mean"

Work on Neighborhood Project

September  24

September  25  A Day

More Questions answered

Willamette Week 

"Neighborhood Wars"

Living up the Street
Journal #2:

Living up the Street
Journal #3

Work on Neighborhood Project

September  26  

September  27  A Day

Living Up the Street
Journal #4
"The Beauty Contest"

Work on Neighborhood Project

September  30

October  1   A Day


Neighborhood Project 

Grade Sheet

Work on projects

October  2

October  3   A Day

Gentrification in

Portland, Oregon

October  4

October  7   A Day

Finalize Project and submit in classroom

(15 minutes)

Neighborhood Presentations

Ta-Nehisi Coates 

Coming to Portland

See Sunny for permission slip

October  8

October  9   A Day



Lorainne Hansberry video

October  10

October  11

No school for students

Statewide Teacher Inservice

October  14   A Day


What do you remember about the video? Padlet

Lorainne Hansberry video

​Understanding Privilege:

Courageous Conversation Compass

October  15

October  16

Early Dismissal


October  17   A Day


​Defining Privilege

Able Body Survey

Privilege Examination Chart​ (due next Wednesday-be prepared to discuss)

October  18

October  21   A Day



Jay Smooth notes

"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race"

Go over questions/notes

Bias in advertising 

a partner activity

October  22

October  23   A Day

Pick up Raisin in the Sun copies

White Privilege Survey​

Use the information from your surveys and notes to participate in a formal discussion

Turn in privilege examination chart, white privilege survey with questions

October  24

October  25   A Day

Begin Raisin in the Sun

October  28

October  29   A Day

Raisin in the Sun

October  30

October  31  A Day

Raisin in the Sun

November  1

No school for students

Teacher plan/grade day

November  4

November  5   A Day

Raisin in the Sun

November  6

November  7   A Day

Raisin in the Sun

November  8

November  11

No school

Veterans' Day Holiday

November 12   A Day

Deadly Unna?

Rabbit Proof Fence

November  13

November 14   A Day

Deadly Unna?
Rabbit Proof Fence

November  15

November  18  A Day

Deadly Unna?

November  19

November  20   A Day

Deadly Unna?

November  21

November  22   A Day

Deadly Unna?

November  25


November  26


November  27

Thanksgiving Holiday

November  28

Thanksgiving Holiday

November  29

Thanksgiving Holiday

December  2

December  3  A Day

Deadly Unna?

December  4

December  5   A Day

Deadly Unna?

December  6

December  9   A Day

Deadly Unna?

December  10

December  11   A Day

Deadly Unna?

December  12

December  13   A Day

Deadly Unna?

December  16

December  17   A Day

Deadly Unna?

December  18

December  19  A Day

Deadly Unna?

December  20




January 6   A Day

January 7
January 8   A Day
January 9
January 10   A Day

January 13

January 14   A Day
January 15
January 16   A Day
January 17

January 20

No school

Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

January 21

All Periods

January 22  Finals
January 23  Finals
January 24   Finals